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Early childhood products, what types of early education products introduced?

Early education products can be said to be a variety of, but generally divided into puzzle toys, early childhood education, as well as early childhood books, audio-visual and so on. In fact, parents should not only confined to early education products to educate their children, in life there are many things can play a role in early childhood, which requires parents to see how to use the things around.
1 、 early childhood education machine
What are we talking about the early products, the first thought is early, early machines can also be said to be the most frequently used parental educational products, teaching machine which the content is very rich, regardless of whether the baby is to listen to the story or look at the picture, the early machines are able to meet the needs of the baby. And now a lot of early education machines are equipped with human-computer interaction function, you can cultivate children’s interest in many ways, so that the baby’s intelligence has been developed. Baby through early childhood machine, not only can learn a lot of things, but also to enjoy the fun of learning, and early development of the machine’s appearance is also designed very cartoon, will let the baby fondle admiringly.
2, early childhood toys
Toy is every child’s nature, so as parents, it is best not to interfere too much, some parents think that children often play with toys is not good for the baby, develop a fun character, in fact, the baby is still small, want to let the baby grow up healthy and happy, playing with toys is a must. By playing with toys, the baby can also achieve the purpose of early childhood education, parents can choose suitable toys to carry out early childhood education, such as puzzles, Rubik’s cube, these toys are able to exercise baby intelligence. In this way, the baby can play happily, and can achieve the purpose of early childhood education, and parents and children play together can also increase the feelings between parents.
3, early childhood books
The book is welcomed by parents early products, baby love things and a variety of color riotous with colour, book of cartoon animal image, can enhance the baby’s cognitive ability, also let the baby to have a degree of color. And now there are books in the books, parents can tell the story by way of early childhood education for the baby. The animals in the book can also teach the baby to know all kinds of animals, and let the baby know everything in the world.

Is Chinese culture machine useful?

1, the birth of authority, fine operation
Ancient Chinese Literature Search teaching machine is enabled pedagogy, psychology, physiology, brain science and hundreds of international education experts according to the child’s growth rule by the Chinese Education Research Association, which lasted five years, and the teaching contents and the fine selection at all times and in all countries the practice development of certification authority.
2, rich in content, fine selection
Ancient Chinese Literature Search early content collection of the essence of culture in hi fi at all times and in all countries, the chip embedded in the “Analects of Confucius”, “Mencius”, “Lao Tzu”, “Chuang-tzu”, “University”, “moderate”, “disciple gauge”, “Three Character Classic”, “Book of Songs”, “Shang”, “Huang Di classic” etc. dozens of materials at the same time, there are hundreds of Ancient Chinese Literature Search; the first SUZUKI brain Almighty music and classical Chinese Teana also includes Shakespeare; English classic masterpiece, moral and fairy tales, in English songs, encyclopedic knowledge of thousands of high-quality speech materials.
3, sound perfect, demanding
Educational research shows that the child’s hearing is the most delicate, the most sensitive, any broken sound and bad sound will hurt the child’s ears. But our general audio bit rate is only about 320KBP, but children need ear audio bit rate is at least 600KBP, Ancient Chinese Literature Search early these materials were recorded after multi track audio CTPC collection, the bit rate is above 900+KBP, the sound reached the demanding requirements of the audio fancier details.
4, because of the application of the theory of latent education, the effect is remarkable
“Latent education”, Freud called it “subconscious education””. For example: “no gifts for the holidays this year, next is what? Everybody knows why? Because too much listening affects the subconscious mind, this is “latent education””. The Chinese Educational Research Association applies the high quality teaching materials such as Chinese culture, education, moral education, soul, music, nourishment, mind and story guidance to the content, and optimizes the software and hardware of the national early learning computer according to the theory of “latent education”.
5, hardware excellent, master build
Chinese culture early development machine plays the sound box key presses through 1 million times to press the test, generally does not have the breakdown for 10 years. Its design is the international top designer Helmut Kohl (Helmut Kerr) works, the use of high-grade wooden cavity.

How about Sinology machine?

1, rich learning content: contains dozens of classic materials Ancient Chinese Literature Search (“Analects of Confucius”, “Mencius”, “Lao Tzu”, “Chuang-tzu”, “University”, “moderate”, “disciple gauge”, “Three Character Classic”, “Book of Songs”, “book of changes”, “Shang”, “Huang Di Nei Jing”, “Sutra”, “Heart Sutra”, “Diamond Sutra” etc.); at the same time, there are hundreds of the first SUZUKI brain Almighty music and Chinese children’s classical music; Tang and Song poetry and poetry and prose collection; also includes, Western classical masterpiece English English excellent nursery rhymes; include moral stories, celebrity stories, fairy tales, in English songs, science knowledge of thousands of high-quality teaching materials.
2, the use of a wide range: also equipped with upgraded U handicap, you can download from primary school to high school all synchronous learning materials, is a lot of children learn English teacher and mentor. Can also be used as an external speaker.
3 、 wireless remote control operation: This machine is equipped with wireless remote control, you can freely select any play section, play content audio, to achieve quick operation.
4, the perfect sound quality effect: the use of a new generation of microcomputer voice chip, with wood hi fi audio, to bring you beautiful voice.
5, the use of simple and convenient: power supply, you can listen to music and learn Chinese culture and knowledge.

What is a national early learning machine?

First, what is a national early learning machine?
Ancient Chinese Literature Search teaching machine is a new Ancient Chinese Literature Search learning products, power can easily learn Ancient Chinese Literature Search classic, cultivation of traditional culture, listening to music, learning moral story, develop language ability, imagination ability and music feeling ability, improve children’s intelligence.
The use of “Ancient Chinese Literature Search teaching machine Hidden Education”, Freud called it “the principle of subconscious education”, you can easily learn Ancient Chinese Literature Search, enjoy music, Chinese moral story, learning English, encyclopedic knowledge and other knowledge, learning imperceptibly, cultivate good personality.
Suitable for people who love traditional culture, especially children and adults, who like to study Chinese culture.

Learning machine guide

First, the purpose of the purchase should be clear
Make sure you combine the purchase with the use of demand. For students, we should choose and teaching materials synchronization, the topic of credible, capricious, strong products. For white-collar workers and other office workers, you can choose more comprehensive functions of the learning machine.
Second, buy content, update performance
For learning machines, we must buy those platforms, development degree, continuous, practical models. Download it directly to its company web site. So in the purchase of the former should ask the contents and methods of the Follow-Up Services, so as to avoid the use of merchandise.
Third, do not superstitious vocabulary
Learning machine is developed on the basis of electronic dictionary, so vocabulary is still the main content of learning machine. But it is not a big vocabulary, it is a good product. Some irresponsible products of cheating in the vocabulary, but the quality of learning, yiwu. Therefore, the choice of vocabulary should mainly be measured by the types of dictionaries used, whether the version is based on learning or not, and whether the entries are interpreted in detail.
Fourth, they can not be trusted
There are many English learning machines under the low price brand, in fact, the product is also very low quality. A lot of people will often be tempted by the price at the time of purchase, so buy after the discovery of machine problems, and software updates and development ability is not enough, will also affect the learning effect, so choose to learn some confidential technical strength to protect the well-known brand.
Fifth, whether the quality is excellent, whether through the authority of quality verification?
The learning machine is durable, quality is the key, we should pay attention to whether the learning machine brand choice of products through the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, to each link of the incoming, assembly, packaging, and other products of each stage is to conduct a comprehensive monitoring, quality is guaranteed. Because of the complexity of the technical structure of the learning machine, some low price machines have technical obstacles and the rate of rework is too high. In the purchase of low-cost machines, you can ask the mall sales staff type of repair rate.

Which kind of learning machine is good?

As the learning machine, point reading machine variety, publicity is also multifarious, a lot of consumers in the purchase often feel confused. Here, read fan early education experts remind, buy point reading machine, it is best to understand the first purchase, and to vary from person to person, specific issues specific treatment, so as to select children in line with the needs of learning machine.
Which kind of learning machine is good?
Check the configuration filter type:
According to experts, as an emerging digital products, learning machine technology content is high, consumers buy before the best reference to product pronunciation, screen touch screen, battery life and other hardware indicators. The key is pronunciation. Generally speaking, human voice, sound quality is clear and smooth; synthetic is jerky, blunt.
A clear purpose; attention to content:
Reading fans, experts remind, check the configuration, then read the content of the reading machine. See it in addition to the basic functions, whether there is similar to animation, nine subjects synchronization, curriculum synchronization download, and some other targeted features. In the later stage, you should update the relevant teaching materials, courses and so on.
More value-added upgrades worry free:
A person engaged in education for many years, the old professor told reporters, although not directly reflect the development of value-added, but on the day after a great relationship can keep up with the demand. In this regard, we must first consider the product memory, and secondly, depends on what manufacturers can download content. Do not underestimate this point, this is the most important embodiment of value-added services manufacturers.

Early childhood machine purchase skills

The color of the early machines pronunciation teaching machine safety education teaching machine machine the content of the early live beat machine
The health of the baby is the most basic, because there are a variety of pollution in the society, the baby’s resistance is relatively weak, so choose early development machine must pay attention to the safety of the product itself. The safety of the early development machine is embodied in the structure design and material selection. The structure of the early education machine should not be sharp corners, burrs and other protruding objects, and the materials for early education machines should also be made of environmentally friendly materials. It is suggested that the early childhood machine made of PC material should be selected.
The advantage of early development machine is that the baby can recognize different things according to the image, so it is better for the early childhood machine to use the pronunciation of the real person than the sound made by the computer. If early development machine pronunciation is not standard, how can teach good baby?
Many parents and friends in the purchase of early education machine, according to their preferences to choose the color of early childhood machine, in fact, this is wrong. Early childhood color should choose some grass green, light red, and so not too dazzling color, so that to some extent, protect the baby’s eyes will not be damaged. If there are a few other colors in the color match, you can also, but it’s best not to have too many dazzling colors.
The content of the early development machine is the card, the more cards, the more content involved, which needs to be chosen according to your own needs. At the same time, the more important thing is the quality of the card, because the baby may tear or fold the card, so you need to choose a fine and durable card.
As the baby is more active, all toys in the baby’s view can be thrown, and for these toys, they will be allowed to deal with their own, so early childhood machine should have a certain anti wrestling function.
Early learning machine can not only help children’s language training, but also help the child’s right brain development. Bao Baoxue language is imperceptible, a pronunciation and pronunciation of the real life of bilingual early education machine, every day for the baby to listen to is very helpful, to children’s language ability is of great benefit. And some early childhood machine color rich, there are a variety of pictures, let the baby look at some of these pictures, but also conducive to the development of the baby’s right brain. Quickly choose a suitable early education machine for your baby.

How old is the early childhood machine?

Let the children win at the starting line depends on the teenager enlightenment teachings, and in the cultivation of children on the road, and is particularly important in early childhood education, many parents want to know how much the children with early education right, here, Xiaobian to our analysis of how much the baby with good teaching machine.
Research of brain science remind: 0 ~ 5 years old is the key to carry out the feelings; carry out speech is 2 months to 8 years, students is 9 months to 6 years; the mood control is from 2 months to 30 months; the movement and development from 0 to 6 years of age; mathematics and logic is carried out from 1 ~ 4 years old. Every normal newborn has exactly the same layout of the brain and an equal number of nerve cells. It needs to be carefully and scientifically nurtured and happily studied for a long time, and it will have a thriving brain.
0-1 year old baby
Early childhood special education can play music, Miller puzzle, enlightenment in English to listen to the baby.
Effect: beautify the mind, cultivate the beauty of music, inspiration, English sense of language and so on.
2-3 year old baby
Can play puzzle stories, English Enlightenment, nursery rhymes, songs, juvenile songs.
Effect: nurture the baby’s words, imitate talent, add baby’s awareness, childhood preferences for English and so on.
4-5 year old baby
Can play juvenile riddles, Sinology, teaching materials, idioms, stories, poetry, poetry, enlightenment stories, together, you can start the baby’s speech to express the ability to practice, do some dialogue practice.
Effect: progress and fantasy to active thinking, learn to use formal logic analysis, Lenovo, theory of things, from national cultural identity, the main progress in the minds of the young talents and language expression ability.
Children over 6 years old
According to the baby’s preferences, let the baby I choose the favorite stories, songs, English Enlightenment and so on.
Effect: cultivate the baby’s ideas and expression ability, enhance the ability of thinking and language expression, apply the external environment, learn to coexist with others.

Development process of early childhood machine four generation

First generation
The first generation of early childhood education is mainly based on early childhood education, and has some defects:
1, early education products generally operational trouble, the child will not use, need parents to help use!
2, early education products usually have auxiliary materials (such as cards and other materials) on the machine, can use, and not at any time and place, want to learn.
3, the early products dry dry, just a love child, not long, a lot of the early products after the purchase is set aside.
Second Dynasties
For these reasons, the birth of the second generation of early education machine, which is now popular early childhood reading pen. Point reading pen to make up for the lack of early childhood products, can be more vivid, active, effective implementation of early childhood mental guidance. Point reading pen for the children to build learning full of sound and colour world, providing a rich and diverse knowledge, cultivate children’s multiple intelligence quality.
Third Dynasties
Can let the baby to enjoy music, stories, learning English, common sense and release light into the wall and ceiling into the night sky full of stars, can make the bedroom become very comfortable, quiet starry night sky to create a wonderful quiet environment, you can create a very romantic environment. To help children develop language ability, imagination and musical sensibility, and to enlighten the classical culture of China and the west. The stimulation of the brain is a variety of learning opportunities for the child to create an intelligent brain.
Fourth Dynasties
On the basis of the original increase in color display, the baby can be more intuitive to watch animated video, thereby enhancing the baby’s acceptance of teaching materials. The body’s memory has also expanded from the original 1G to 4G or 8G and 16G, which greatly improves the richness and degree of teaching resources. Batteries have also been upgraded, from the original AAA dry battery, upgraded to a more environmentally friendly rechargeable lithium battery (or polymer battery), but also increased the battery protection circuit, and thus more secure. The volume is also small and convenient for the baby to carry conveniently

What is a preschool education machine?

Early childhood education is an educational electronic product specially designed for early childhood education and children’s interest in learning. All-round training of children’s learning ability. At the same time, with human-computer interaction, additional answer, encouraging answer, intelligent scoring function, to help children develop learning interest, development potential. Early with the educational theory of multiple intelligences, according to the experience of life and psychological characteristics of children’s selection of themes, the integration content in English, Pinyin literacy, mathematical logic, potential development, natural sense, parent-child interaction, entertainment, moral and other eight areas to each topic, comprehensive knowledge, clear classification; cartoon image, sweet taste learning is of great help to the children’s attention, thinking ability and other aspects to enhance.

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